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How Can You Get a Tooth Removed?

Our dentist completes dental extractions in Ellsworth, ME

A tooth might need to be removed if it's broken, decayed or diseased. These issues can all get worse if the tooth is left in place - and any accompanying pain can get worse, too. Fortunately, you can come to Elevate Dental Extractions in Ellsworth, ME.

During your consultation with our team, you can:

Get a dental X-ray taken
Receive an evaluation by our dentist
Discuss all possible options
Set an appointment for tooth extraction, if needed

If a prompt extraction is necessary for your comfort and health, we can complete it on the same day. Call 207-466-0661 now to schedule a dental consultation.

When is a tooth extraction needed?

At Elevate Dental Extractions, we believe in saving your teeth first. We understand that there will be times when this is not possible, and a tooth extraction is necessary. After careful examination our dentist may advise you to have a tooth extracted. Teeth are extracted due to circumstance such as: severe decay, severe fractures, an accident or trauma, advanced gum disease, an infection, or crowding. If you are experiencing mouth or tooth pain please call (207)466-0661 to schedule an appointment immediately.

It's common to be concerned about pain during or after a dental extraction, but you don't have to worry. We provide nitrous oxide during tooth extractions, and offer options for pain management after surgery. To find out more about what to expect during or after a dental extraction, contact our staff today.

Pain and Anxiety Management

Dental extractions are done at our office, typically, under local anesthesia (numbing of the teeth/gums only). We understand that there are times when the thought of have a tooth extracted can cause anxiety or worry to a patient. At your consultation it is important to discuss these concerns with our dentist so that a plan can be made to make your procedure as relaxing as possible. We offer a variety of pain management options including nitrous oxide, or more often know as laughing gas. Certain anesthesia is not right for every patient, so at your consultation we will discuss and make a customized plan to manage your anxiety and pain levels for our individualized treatment.

The Recovery process

Following your extraction(s) you can expect to experience soreness, mild swelling, and occasionally bruising can occur. Every one reacts differently with extractions, factors such as: age, medical conditions, or medications may cause/contribute to bruising, swelling, and pain. We will provide detailed instructions on what to expect after your procedure. Standard guidelines will be to take over the counter pain relievers for any pain such as ibuprofen and cold compresses for swelling.


We try to work with many insurance companies including Maine Care. It is our mission to make all treatments affordable and accessible for all patients. However, it is important for you, the patient, to understand that your insurance benefits are contingent on many factors. All dental insurance plans are different and will do our best to utilize your insurance to the best of our ability. Pre-treatment estimates are a service that we gladly offer to help you understand your insurance coverage.